Our staff can be contacted by e-mail or phone.

Phone numbers:

  • (509) 865-2800 x6
  • (509) 865-5121 x4747

Mailing address:

Yakama Nation Library
P.O. Box 151
Toppenish, WA 98948


How To Find Us

Library Staff:

Merida Kipp

Library Administrator
(509) 865-5121 x4747
merida_kipp {at} yakama {dot} com

Cat Miller

Library Technician II
(509) 865-5121 x4723
cathy_miller {at} yakama {dot} com

Michael Sekaquaptewa

Multi-media Specialist
(509) 865-5121 x4719
Michael_Sekaquaptewa {at} yakama {dot} com

Jolena Tillequots

Library Technician III
(509) 865-5121 x4808
jolena_tillequots {at} yakama {dot} com

Melannie Belly

Computer Specialist II
(509) 865-5121 x4721
melannie_belly {at} yakama {dot} com

Ralph Quiltanenock

Library Technician
(509) 865-5121 x4723

Tonisha Arquette

Admin Assistant
(509) 865-5121 x4436
tonisha_arquette {at} yakama {dot} com