Microsoft Imagine Academy & Digital Literacy

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Thanks to funding from the Washington State Legislature and Microsoft, Washington State residents are now able to take FREE online courses to improve their skills on Microsoft's software through the Microsoft Imagine Academy program. Library patrons have access to 250 online courses and resources on Microsoft software, including Windows operating systems, Office software, and network and programming.

Digital Literacy

In addition, Microsoft has developed basic and advanced computer skills classes called the Digital Literacy program.

We are pleased to offer this to you as a Yakama Nation Library patron! These are both great programs for people to improve their business skills or learn basic and advanced computer skills. All you need to do is visit a library location and ask for a Microsoft Imagine Academy brochure. We would be happy to help you get started! The brochure covers how to get started, choose courses, and if desired complete certification. It also has a list of frequently asked questions and how to access the Digital Literacy program.

To participate in the Imagine Academy program, you will need:

  1. Microsoft email account* (sign up at
  2. Enrollment code, which is available at the Yakama Nation Library
  3. Computer or tablet with an internet connection (DSL, broadband, or satellite)*

You do not need an email account or enrollment code for the Digital Literacy curriculum.

*Please note: Apple iOS systems are not supported

Quick Links for returning users:

Microsoft Imagine Academy website:

Digital Literacy Courses:


Q: Do I have to access the Imagine Academy or Digital Literacy courses from a library computer?
No. You may use any computer with a good internet connection (DSL, broadband, or satellite).

Q: Which course should I start with?
 We recommend that you start with the Digital Literacy courses. From there, we would recommend learning the operating systems on your computer (ex. Windows 7).

Q: How do I receive certification at the Yakama Nation Library?
 After you have successfully finished a series of courses, you can receive professional certification by testing. All courses are free.

Having trouble? Email with any problems, comments, or success stories!

These programs are brought to you by collaboration between The Yakama Nation Library, Office of the Secretary of State, Washington State Legislature, Washington State Library, and Microsoft.